Book Signing with Estella Fransbergen




Thursday, February 13th




From growing up in South Africa making miniature sculptures with materials from the natural landscape,

to adorning her sculpted torsos with gemstones with ancient symbolism and energy, 

her sculpted torsos symbolize the essence of the soul and human form in its simplicity, 

and as a celebration of the female figure.


The leaves, branches, feathers, and gemstones "dress" the naked form as a celebration of human nature,

these two forces of body and nature colliding in a beautiful representation of the artist's aesthetic.



Name               Name                Name



One-Time Event Only!





A New Collection of Works on Paper

By James Jensen


                                                 Name          Name                 Name

                                                                   "Game Day"                                                      "Pandora"                                                       "Inertia"

                                                                        30x22                                                               30x22                                                             30x22


                                                                               Name                                     Name

                                                                                              "Winter Pond"                                                                    "Child's Play"

                                                                                                    30x22                                                                                 30x22         



                                                                                                                                         "Stage Lights"





"Visual Emotionism"


September 13th and 14th we had an artist reception for French-Canadian artist Andre Desjardins, 

painter and sculptor who explores layers and textures with mixed media techniques to create visually stunning

figurative pieces, fueled by the artist's emotions as a reflection on the mysteries of life, love and the universe.


During the exhibition, Desjardins also gave an incredible drawing demonstration, 

which gave insight into his vision and process as the founder of "visual emotionism,"

fusing figurative with the abstract as a representation of humanity.





                                                       Name               Name                                                         


Desjardins describes his sculpture "Le Grand Saut" or "The Big Jump,"

which represents the courage to take the full leap 

towards your passions and trusting the process of life.



Live Drawing Demonstration




 Desjardins starts with texture first, then creates the outline of a silhouette

   before adding details and shadows with sweeping strokes

of charcoal and water. 


                                Name            Name




The Final Ske‚Äčtch




Once Desjardins completes the initial sketch, he begins to add dimension and complexity

 with elements such as color and added texture in the form of

shadows, color-blocking, and gold and silver leaf.


Thank you to everyone who attended!