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Joan Colomer Valls was born on May 27, 1965 at San Feliu de Pallerols, near Olot, Spain. In this city, some 125 years ago, the painter Joaquim Vayreda initiated the Olotina Landscape School, which Colomer would later attend. Joan Colomer had his first lessons in painting from his father, also a landscape painter. For five years he participated in daily painting sessions with his father, attentively learning and establishing his own unique style. He began painting atmospheric landscapes of Catalonia. From the beginning he incorporated classicism style with his own impressionistic technique, his paintings were bathed in soft light and shadows. Grass was fresh youthful green or deep “verdaccio”. Each tree was its own individual hue, and his enchanting ponds were lit with magical strokes. In his young adulthood, he temporarily abandoned painting and moved to Barcelona, where he entered the university and threw himself into philosophical studies. After college, he lived in Madrid for nine months, visiting the cities most influential museums and drawing inspiration to start painting once again. Still unsettled, Colomer extended his travels to Holland, Germany, Mexico, Australia, Italy, France, and Thailand. These adventures around the globe played a crucial role in Colomer’s artistic transformation, as he was exposed to masterpieces from Sorolla, Velazquez, Goya, Van Gogh, Mauve, Nolde, Klim, Shiele, and the French impressionists. In 1990 he got married and again settled in his beloved Madrid. He attended the Madrid Municipal School of Beaux Arts, and soon after, began exhibiting his works in Barcelona and Madrid. In 1993 he moved to the countryside where he now resides with his wife and daughter. Today he is represented in 20 galleries worldwide.

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